If you want your smile to be the best it possibly can be, you need to go for airflow – a procedure available at Spa Dental Clinic.

Air flow tooth polishing gives your teeth an amazing shine. This effective stain removal method brightens the teeth and whitens your smile, all without actually touching your teeth!

The results

The results are immediate. It works through the combined power of air and sodium bicarbonate.

To get the best results a scale and polish may be required, but air flow produces great results without any risk of damaging your teeth.

Airflow at Spa Dental Clinic

At Spa Dental Clinic, staff recommend that you attend an examinations appointment first. To ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy and suitable for the treatment.

Tea & coffee drinkers and smokers will know the effects this has on their smile. Teeth that used to be white are tarnished by brown stains that can’t be removed by a tooth brush.

But with airflow, one treatment can remove any plaque and discolouration that those habits have left behind. 


For prices and further information on airflow. please email [email protected] or call 01905 773 111