Facial Rejuvenation


Our Facial Rejuvenation Services

Ee have a number of anti wrinkle injections that work to correct facial imperfections caused by the stresses of life to revitalise your skin.

By injecting filler directly into the lips, their volume is instantly increased. Depending on the filler used, results can last from ten weeks to nine months.

The latest techniques and products can be used to give you the ultimate non surgical face lift.

Through the injection of Botulinum toxin the problem of excessive sweating can be solved, with the effects lasting from 2-6 months.

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At SPA Dental Clinic, we offer a variety of treatments to rejuvenate your skin and enhance your natural features. Through the use of BOTULINUM TOXIN, we can decrease the appearance of forehead furrowing, frown-lines and wrinkles and around the eyes. If a wrinkle relaxing treatment is used before wrinkles settle into the skin, it weakens the muscle and helps to prevent the wrinkle from forming in the first place. It can also be used to combat excessive perspiration in the underarms, palms and soles of the feet – known as Hyperhydrosis.

Our dermal fillers, such as Juvederm and Restylane can be used to produce a non-surgical facelift. The products are highly effective facial volumisers and can be used to fill out the face and plump out the cheeks.